Annual Report 2018

Outdoor –
Mammut Sports Group

Clothing and mountaineering equipment.

The Outdoor segment generated net revenue of CHF 253.4 million in 2018, up 10.9% from the previous year (CHF 228.6 million). At stable exchange rates, revenue increased by 9.4%. The operating result amounted to CHF 5.2 million (CHF 0.1 million), yielding an EBIT margin of 2.1% (0.1%). Double-digit revenue growth was reported in all three regions, Europe, America and Asia. The solid 2017/2018 winter season was favorably influenced by, among others, successful product launches (new generation of the “Eiger Extreme” clothing collection and new version of the “Barryvox” avalanche transceiver). The progressive implementation of the five-year strategy program, which commenced in 2016, was also beneficial. There was a significant qualitative improvement in sales performance thanks to enhanced cooperation with select specialist retailers, the development and expansion of the segment’s own online channels, optimization of the store portfolio and the expansion of international activities. An improved gross margin has already enabled the strategy-driven increase in the cost base in the areas of digitalization, retail and design to be partially absorbed. Further revenue gains and a disproportionate improvement in the EBIT margin are expected by the conclusion of the strategy program.

In the context of changing consumer habits and the continuing shift from physical to online stores, Mammut continues to work steadily on its digital transformation, sharpening its own brand across channels and developing innovative tools to promote customer loyalty. From 2019, this includes the use of NFC technology in selected products as part of the “Mammut Connect” initiative. Customers can use an app to access comprehensive product information, use additional services or be part of a digital social network. “Mammut Connect” was a project that started under the Conzzeta Talent Development Program introduced in 2017 and became market-ready in 2018. Despite further clean-ups in the physical volume business where profitability is below average, pre-orders from specialist retailers for the coming summer season were notably higher at the end of 2018 compared with the previous year thanks to new collections and the launch of various new products.

Overview Mammut Sports Group

Head: Oliver Pabst

Presence: worldwide sales network in 40 countries; head office and product development in Seon (Switzerland); numerous production partners in Europe and Asia

Net revenue


In addition to developing scalable business models for international target markets, the new digital offerings as well as lighter products with more diverse applications in urban areas, Mammut is faced with increased customer demand for environmentally friendly and sustainably produced products. This prompted the publication in 2018 of binding corporate responsibility goals for the next five years as part of the “Mammut We Care” strategy. By 2023, environmentally harmful substances are to be completely eliminated from supply chains. Furthermore, fair working conditions in product manufacture will be ensured without exception, and animal products sourced responsibly.

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