Annual Report 2018

Sheet Metal Processing –

Solutions for cutting, bending and automation.

The Sheet Metal Processing segment generated net revenue of CHF 1ʼ013.2 million in 2018, an 18.3% increase over the previous year (CHF 856.1 million). On a comparable basis, i.e. at stable exchange rates and excluding the revenue contribution of the two companies taken over in 2018, TTM Laser and Antil, revenue increased by 14.9%. The operating result amounted to CHF 132.5 million (CHF 98.0 million), giving an EBIT margin of 12.8% (11.2%). On an annual basis, all regions and customer segments recorded solid double-digit growth rates. After a very strong first half year, the business environment cooled considerably in the second half of the year, particularly in China, due to geopolitical and macroeconomic factors. Nevertheless, order intake for the year as a whole increased again on a high level thanks to continued positive performance in Europe and, above all, the Americas, so that the order book level at the end of the year surpassed the previous year’s level.

The consistent implementation of the current growth strategy requires further efforts and investments to enhance market presence and to develop new solutions and products, particularly in the area of automation. The integration of Antil contributed in 2018 to the launch of the new Automation and Software Competence Centers, which complement the existing Cutting and Bending Competence Centers. The Tube Processing Competence Center was also created in the course of the integration of TTM Laser. The World Class Manufacturing campaign was continued. The focus in the top customer segment was directed at flexible automation and integrated manufacturing cells with comprehensive software solutions for both machine control and end-to-end production and order management. Apart from the ByStar Fiber laser cutting system, which has been upgraded from 10 to 12 kilowatts of laser power, the new products presented in 2018 included the fundamentally overhauled next generation BySmart Fiber with up to 6 kilowatts for the middle customer segment. The Xpert Pro press brake, also newly launched and presented in the reporting year as part of an automated bending cell for the utmost precision and efficiency, assists demanding users in the field of bending.

Overview Bystronic

Head: Alex Waser

Presence: worldwide, 29 sales and service companies; 7 development and production sites in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and China; used machinery centers in Romania and the USA.

Net revenue


Market presence was spread further in the reporting year, including by way of new or expanded branches in Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Poland, Austria and the Netherlands. In September near Chicago, the groundbreaking took place for the new US assembly plant and experience center. Here, visitors will be shown the future of smart factories starting in the first half of 2020. Meanwhile in Switzerland, work has begun on the extensive renovation and modernization of a factory hall at the Niederönz site. The work is being carried out while operations continue, the aim being to ensure efficient production in the long-term and capacity for additional volume. In a competitive market subject to constant pricing pressure, measures to ensure productivity are continually required, also including further global process harmonization.

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