Half-Year Report 2019

Sheet Metal Processing –

Solutions for cutting, bending and automation.

The Sheet Metal Processing segment (Bystronic) generated net revenue of CHF 448.6 million (previous year: CHF 477.3 million). On a comparable basis, net revenue declined by 6.2% compared with the strong first half of 2018. A significant decline in revenue in Asia was partially compensated by buoyant business in America, while business in Europe was slightly weaker at a high level. Net revenue was lower in the “Cutting” product segment, while revenue went up in the “Bending” and “Service” segments.

The order intake stood at CHF 450.6 million, 12.4% lower than in the previous year, partly on account of the weaker state of the market, but partly also due to the record figures of the previous year, mainly in the “Cutting” product segment in the Asia and America regions. In June, around 1ʼ200 existing and potential customers from around 50 countries took part at the Competence Days at the headquarters in Niederönz, where numerous product innovations were unveiled. These also included solutions with additional components for automation, software and service. Despite the noticeable market-related restraint, the number of projects that resulted from the biennial in-house fair was significantly higher than at the last event. The order book as of mid-year was lower than the high level as of mid-2018, but on par with the end of 2018.

The operating result stood at CHF 57.8 million, 7.8% lower than the previous year (CHF 62.6 million), while the EBIT margin was stable at 12.5%. Maintaining profitability means sustaining a high pace of innovation at all levels, including the ongoing optimization of production processes, and active cost management. In the reporting period, measures were taken to adapt capacities to the changed environment. The implementation of the investment program to construct the assembly plant and experience center in the USA as well as the renewal and modernization of a production facility in Niederönz progressed according to plan with the goal of further strengthening both market presence and production efficiency from 2020.

Overview Bystronic

Head: Alex Waser

Presence: worldwide, 29 sales and service companies; 7 development and production sites in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Romania and China.

Net revenue


Segment Chemical Specialties Business Review Group

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