Annual Report 2020

Outdoor –
Mammut Sports Group

Clothing and mountaineering equipment.

The Outdoor segment (Mammut) generated net revenue of CHF 218.4 million in 2020 (previous year: CHF 268.4 million). On a comparable basis, i.e. at stable exchange rates, revenue declined by 16.2%. The operating result was CHF –24.5 million (CHF 7.5 million) and mainly reflects the pandemic-related volume losses. It also includes one-off effects in the amount of CHF 11.9 million, mainly associated with organizational measures targeted at strengthening future profitability by reducing the recurring cost base by over CHF 10 million compared to the previous year. In a challenging environment efforts were stepped up, building on the preparatory work of recent years, to implement the scalable online business models with a stronger end-customer focus. Consequently, the B2C business grew by 9.3% in 2020, despite the repeated retail store lockdowns, with a significant revenue increase in the digital channels: Revenue from Mammut’s own online stores increased by 82.3% to CHF 27.1 million, while revenue from digital marketplaces increased by 55.9% to CHF 13.2 million. Factors contributing to this included digital campaigns such as “Local Adventure” in Switzerland, which generated more than 100,000 new customers. Part of the restructuring measures were the optimizationi of Mammut’s international presence, the implementation of a more channel-centric sales structure and the streamlining of central processes with newly created overall responsibilities for “Brand & Consumer” and “Products”. These have already proven their worth, for example in the expansion of the retail business and in enhancing market presence across all channels.

The adverse effects of the pandemic initially included major supply chain disruptions, primarily at the beginning of the reporting year. The “WE CARE” sustainability strategy proved to be a robust orientation framework for dealing with suppliers that were often in a weaker position. In terms of revenue, the biggest contributor, physical retail stores, were repeatedly closed in the first, second and fourth quarters. With considerable effort, collection and sales plans were fundamentally revised and adjusted several times whereby the extensively rejuvenated collection over the past few years proved to be an advantage. The trend towards increased outdoor activities by the population in many sales markets could thus be served with attractive products. In the third quarter, the only quarter not affected by lockdowns and the closure of specialty retail stores, the business unit rapidly recovered almost to the previous year’s level with improved profitability. The business in the continuously dominant sales channel with the wholesale partners for the fall/winter collection 2021/2022 was about 7% higher than the previous year.

Overview Mammut Sports Group

Head: Oliver Pabst

Presence: worldwide sales network in 40 countries; headquarters and product development in Seon (Switzerland)

Net revenue


In October 2020, Mammut also presented the new collection to a broader audience for the first time as part of the Digital Brand Convention, at which talks were also presented on sustainability, innovation and safety. Various products launched in the clothing, footwear and equipment categories again won awards in 2020, including the Eiger X Halo clothing line, which won the ISPO Gold Award. Despite the challenging market environment created by the pandemic, work progressed on innovation projects, such as the project to expand the collection of laser-fused Photics down jackets and the market launch of T-shirts made from recycled climbing ropes. These projects also included market testing of Climbax, the world’s first climbing tracker, which was also the winner of an ISPO Gold Award in January 2021.

Proofpoints of Execution Segment Chemical Specialties

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