Annual Report 2020

2 Capital Structure

2.1 Capital

According to Article 3 of the Articles of Association of Conzzeta AG, the share capital amounts to CHF 4,140,000, consisting of 1,827,000 Class A registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 2.00 each and 1,215,000 Class B registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 0.40 each. On December 31, 2020, the company did not have any conditional or authorized capital.

2.2 Changes in Capital

There has been no change in the share capital of Conzzeta AG in the last three reporting years.

2.3 Shares and participation certificates

Each share establishes entitlement to one vote at the general meeting. According to Article 15 of the Articles of Association of Conzzeta AG, at least two representatives from each share Class are entitled to a seat on the Board of Directors. The dividend entitlement of Class A registered shares and Class B registered shares (voting shares, un­listed) corresponds to the ratio between the nominal values of the two share classes. The company endeavors to distribute a proportion of between one third and one half of the group profit. The share capital has been fully paid up.

The company has not issued any participation certificates.

2.4 Dividend-Right Certificates

Conzzeta AG has not issued any dividend-right certificates.

2.5 Limitations on Transferability and Nominee Registrations

Shares in the company are not subject to any restrictions on transfer. Accordingly, nominees are also entered in the share register.

2.6 Convertible Bonds and Options

Conzzeta AG has no outstanding convertible bonds and neither the company itself nor its Group companies have issued options on Conzzeta shares.

2.7 Shares of the company


Class A registered shares nominal value CHF 2.00


Class B registered shares nominal value CHF 0.40











Number of shares







Share capital in CHF














3. Board of Directors 1. Group Structure and Shareholders

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