Annual Report 2019

Sheet Metal Processing –

Solutions for cutting, bending and automation.

The Sheet Metal Processing segment generated net revenue of CHF 936.0 million in 2019 (previous year: CHF 1,013.2 million). On a comparable basis, i.e., at stable exchange rates, revenue declined by 6.4%. The operating result amounted to CHF 121.1 million (CHF 132.5 million), yielding an EBIT margin of 12.9% (12.8%). Factors that contributed to the improved EBIT margin despite the lower sales volume included not only the innovative range of products and services, but also process improvements, active cost management and certain non-recurring special factors in the amount of CHF 6.7 million. The significant decline in revenue in Asia was partially compensated for by sustained growth in America, while revenue in Europe was slightly weaker. Net revenue in the “Cutting” product segment was lower than in the previous year, while revenue increased in the “Bending” and “Service” segments. As expected, the business environment cooled in 2019, and customers showed a declining tendency to invest in individual machines. By contrast, demand for automation solutions and the associated software trended upwards. Order intake was CHF 929.4 million, down 7.3% from the strong year before, and the order book level was CHF 242.3 million (CHF 254.8 million).

In a competitive market subject to constant pricing pressure, investments to enhance market presence continued to be made and the organization was strengthened in preparation for structural growth opportunities. The renovation of a factory hall at the Niederönz site was completed on time in December. The assembly plant and the experience centers in the USA, where visitors can gain on-site insight into the future of smart factories, are scheduled to be opened by the middle of 2020. New sales and service companies were established in South Africa and Thailand over the course of the reporting year. As part of the company’s growth plans in Asia, in 2019 the equity interest in the Chinese company DNE Laser was increased from 51% to 70% and a project was launched to build an experience center and a new office building in South Korea.

Overview Bystronic

Head: Alex Waser

Presence: worldwide, 32 sales and service companies; 7 development and production sites in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and China; 2 used machinery centers in Romania and the USA.

Net revenue


As intended, progress was made in 2019 to build-up of the “Automation” and “Software Services” competence centers with the aim of exploiting the opportunities arising from the digital transformation in connection with the current “World Class Manufacturing” campaign. A roadmap was drawn up for this purpose and collaboration with external partners was intensified. In the context of the new products launched in 2019, the focus in the top customer segment was directed at flexible automation and integrated manufacturing cells with comprehensive software solutions for both machine control and end-to-end production and order management. In the coming years, an offensive product strategy will be adopted to improve the market position in the mid-range price segment through significant growth. This will include the introduction of the next generation of BySmart Fiber cutting systems, which have also been manufactured at the Niederönz site since September 2019, and not just in China. Starting in 2020, these systems are also intended to be assembled at the new factory in the USA. The products launched in the mid-range price segment also included bending systems and automation solutions. Finally, a new generation of cutting systems was also launched in DNE Laser’s Chinese entry-level product segment, which was in decline and hotly contested in 2019, and initial steps were taken toward developing the export business.

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