Annual Report 2019

Outdoor –
Mammut Sports Group

Clothing and mountaineering equipment.

The Outdoor segment generated net revenue of CHF 268.4 million in 2019 (previous year: CHF 253.4 million). On a comparable basis, i.e. at stable exchange rates, revenue increased by 6.8%. The operating result amounted to CHF 7.5 million (CHF 5.2 million), yielding an EBIT margin of 2.8% (2.1%). The result includes a weak delivery performance in the third quarter with declining sales and loss of earnings due to the processing of defective textiles by a supplier as well as internal difficulties in providing the largely renewed collection across the expanded sales channels. Despite this, revenue for the year increased in all three regions, Europe, America and Asia. The high level of acceptance of the newly launched products as well as the development of digital sales channels as part of the five-year strategic plan started in 2016 had a favorable impact.

The evaluation of options to accelerate development, which was announced by the Group in August 2019, led to the realization that there is significant growth potential, particularly in the target markets outside Europe. Since the Group ultimately does not have the necessary market access outside Europe, a suitable buyer will be sought, who will be able to realize this potential and therefore be able to further strengthen the future viability of the brand. This can be built on the progress made in the ongoing strategy program, which laid the foundations for further profitable growth in the context of changing consumer habits and the ongoing shift from stationary to online stores. To this end, cooperation with specialist retailers was selective strengthened, online channels were expanded and the collection was extensively rejuvenated.

Overview Mammut Sports Group

Head: Oliver Pabst

Presence: worldwide sales network in 40 countries; head office and product development in Seon (Switzerland)

Net revenue


The progressive implementation of the strategy necessitated special business excellence measures in 2019 to optimize processes, consolidate the transformed organization and to manage the increasing complexity as growth continued. Measures taken in 2019 to expand the scalable business models included the ongoing development of the digital platform strategy and linking consumer-relevant content with commercial offers. To this end, 120 products were fitted with “Mammut Connect” at the end of 2019, which, through NFC technology, allows customers to access comprehensive product information on demand, use additional services or be part of a digital social network. The online store was available in 19 markets at the end of 2019, and Mammut’s present on digital marketplaces was expanded globally. The streamlining of the monobrand store network also continued, including newly designed and/or additional points of sale.

With innovative products, a consistent pricing strategy and a reduction in the number of styles, the Group managed to further increase the gross margin in 2019 as well. The release of the “Photics” jacket represented, among other things, the launch of the world’s first laser-fused and therefore waterproof quilted down jacket, which received the “ISPO Winner Award”. Innovations introduced to the market also included clothing manufactured from left-over or recycled materials to meet customer demand for environmentally friendly and sustainably produced products, which are also lighter and more versatile in urban areas.

Proofpoints of Execution Segment Chemical Specialties

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